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3.) The story teller - In games I love reading or hearing the stories behind them. When i play games or sports I love being the one who tells the stories and just see the reaction   of the person who I am talking to. I guess you could say i mix in the storyteller with the joker

only thing keeping your crazy under wraps is your spanx but that's none of my business - Kermit The Frog Drinking Tea


The Homeschooled Hedgehog - story of my life----now this is a meme I can relate…

I heard that.LOL Funny Kermit The Frog Memes - Jokes Etc - Nairaland. LMAO but that's not none of my business that you farted.

But Thats None Of My Business Meme | I DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD THE AUTHORITY TO JUDGE ME IS JESUS HIRING? | image tagged in memes,but thats none of my business,kermit the frog | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

You have no room to judge when you are no better! You stopped out in your marriage long before he did! You're a hypocrite!