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The Maze Runner characters

from Enamoured with collages


The Maze Runner... this sums up just about all the best phrases

Omg my Newtie Cutie I hate this picture but I love it at the same time I was hit by the feels train I need to stop you need to stop James Dashner needs to stop for real guys

NEWTyou will always be missed <----- Omy gosh I bloody crying this hurts like the flare, shuck

This quote is not from The Maze Runner. It's from Teen Wolf, season 1 episode 7.<<<yeah I didn't remember it from the book, but I guess they changed the movie.

nooooo, newt :'( Im literally going to cry my eyes out in the cinema when the wonderful thomas brodie sangster acts out 'the scene' from the books

I still haven't gotten over these books. :'0

Day 11. Something you hate about the series: The deaths! Two in particular made me very emotional. :(