This is Jazz, a female lion (lioness) who recently turned four years old and has been one of our resident big cats for over three and a half years. She is a very sweet lioness who enjoys having Laney and Maggie as neighbors. Jazz had been a photo cub in several places before she came to Suzie's Pride. During the first few weeks that she arrived it appeared that she had been drugged by the previous owner to be more calm when being handled by the public for photos.

Maggie and Laney (L to R) cuddling at our New Year's Day - Big Cats Behind the Scenes Event at Suzie's Pride Big Cat Sanctuary #tigers #suziespride #bigcatsbehindthescenes #bigcatsanctuary

Merry Christmas from Gabby, Kia, Sara, Hobbes, Jazz, Laney, Maggie and all of us at Suzie's Pride Big Cat Sanctuary!!

Maggie giving Laney some love! (L to R) Please visit our Pampered Chef® online event! By making a purchase, you will be supporting Suzie's Pride Big Cat Sanctuary!

Please join us in wishing Jazz a Happy 5th Birthday today!! Our youngest lioness, Jazz is a former photo cub who has touched many lives since she arrived at Suzie's Pride. She is very sweet, affectionate, and is very playful! You can see Jazz and the rest of our resident big cats at our Big Cats Behind the Scenes event tomorrow from 4-6pm.

Thank you to all who visited during our Open House!! A special thank you to Linda Debe-Hodges for sharing amazing treats made with Pampered Chef cookware and accessories!! If you missed placing an order to benefit Suzie's Pride, visit our home page and click on the Pampered Chef Logo. You have until July 31st, 11:59pm. Thank you for your support and donations!! Maggie enjoying the pool.

Laney and Maggie (L to R) after a bit of running. Interesting that Laney's left front and rear paws show how tigers walk and step in the same spot with both paws. "Big Cats - Behind the Scenes" ($20 per person, Ages 16 and older only) - Sunday, June 9, 4pm to 6pm For more information or to purchase tickets: Hope to see you there!! Thank you!!

Laney being followed by Maggie (who will be one year old next month!). Both of these beautiful tigress' have grown so much in the last year!! Did you know you can now make a donation to Suzie's Pride directly from our Facebook Page? Just look for "Donate" at the top of our Facebook page. If you would prefer to make an ongoing monthly donation, please visit our web page at:

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