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Prints from the darkroom of Pablo Inirio, Magnum Photos’ master printer, feature the hand-written edits that turn a photo into a memorable shot.

This high-quality Rights Managed SD Stock Shot about Marlene Dietrich, Raf Vallone, Renato Rascel, Kissing on the Hand, Taormina, Hollywood (Motion Picture Industry), Film Star, Celebrity, Si gira!, Communicating, 2 (Quantity), Woman, Historical Footage, Man (Human), Adult, Sunshine, Day, Stock Footage, is ready for instant licensing and customized download.

Dennis Stock s image of James Dean in Times Square, marked with Pablo Inirio s printing notations.

Original caption:The cowboy flavor is strong as Gregory Peck and his three sons gather for a family photo after a visit to the rodeo at Palm Springs. Daddy is clean shaven again after getting rid of the beard he grew for the film Moby Dick. Left to right, the cowboys are: Stephen, 8; Jonathan, 10; and Carey, 6. February 10, 1955

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