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Prístino lago cristalino refleja los colores del otoño en Colorado San Juan Forestal Nacional

The Tadpole Galaxy (also known as UGC 10214 or Arp 188) is a disrupted barred spiral galaxy located about 420 million light-years away toward the northern constellation Draco. Its most dramatic features are an incredibly long trail of stars and massive, bright blue star clusters, reflecting the essence of our dynamic, restless and violent Universe. - Credit: NASA, Hubble, Mehdi Bozzo-Rey

The Orion Nebula from CFHT. Buried in the complex nebulosity are the bright stars of the Trapezium in Orion's heart, the sweeping lanes of dark dust that cross the center, the pervasive red glowing hydrogen gas, and the blue tinted dust that reflects the light of newborn stars

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HAWKING: LA HUMANIDAD DEBE ABANDONAR EL PLANETA PARA SOBREVIVIR Hawking: La humanidad debe abandonar el planeta para sobrevivirEl astrofísico de 74 años refleja la comprensión del Universo a partir de los avances en los últimos cinco decenios. La guerra nuclear la actividad de la inteligencia artificial y la propagación de un virus genéticamente modificado serían las causas del fin del mundo de acuerdo a Stephen Hawking. El científico británico Stephen Hawking reveló que los humanos no…