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omg this is so freaky!

Awesome Tattoos: This is really weird tattoo going down from head to lower back.

In real life there is no spell check

The Worst Tattoo Spelling Fails ~ Life go's on, perhaps it should read 'life goes on'.

Thomas Hooper Tibetan Ornament Dotwork Tattoo Nyc

Thomas Hooper - Tattoo artist Thomas Hooper has no problem going to the dark side with body tattoos.

Now THAT's a tattoo (Berry'sBest photos of the week (57 photos))

Best photos of the week (57 photos)

Calvin and Hobbes, done by LucasTattoo, in São Paulo - Brazil.I really love comics and strips. I already have made other comics tattoos, like Charlie Brown and Woodstock, but this one was my last.

i am growing fonder of tattoos with tattoos.

How very meta, a tattoo of a tattooed pin up girl. it's still a good looking bit of art, and the meta-ness does not detract from it's value by any means.

words cannot fully express the extreme love I have for this tattoo!

More bad tattoos! But on the plus side, they sure give us a bounty of horrible, ugly tats to laugh at! The worst tattoos imaginable. Stupid WTF ugliest ever