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8 Tips for Marketing Your App on Pinterest by @mcngmarketing. I reveal how you can get more downloads for your app within Pinterest.

How to Market Your App on Pinterest

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Visual Content Marketing Expert Reveals Keyword Mistakes That Prevent You From Being Found On Pinterest’s Search Engine -

Keyword Errors That Keep You From Being Found On Pinterest

Why you seriously need to check your Pinterest account for broken links. There are serious consequences if you don't! Learn more Pinterest tips for business from Pinterest marketing expert Anna Bennett http://www.whiteglovesocialmedia.com/how-to-fix-broken-links-and-dead-pages-for-pinterest-and-how-it-can-hurt-you-if-you-dont/

How To Fix Broken Links and Dead Pages For Pinterest and How It Can Hurt You If You Don’t

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Tips for Using Hashtags on Pinterest from OhSoPinteresting.com

Tips for Using on - you've seen the spoof by & (couldn't contain myself! Well, hashtags still work. This article gives you some valid (btw, this is the MOST # of hashtags I've ever used in a post. Yes, I used the hashtag there on purpose.

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Affiliate Marketing Tips So You Can Get Started. Various web marketing tactics are used in order to get a job finished.