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10 Inspirational Quotes Of The Day (328)

article about Opening and Balancing 7 Chakras. Learn How Holistic Healing with Crystals and Meditation can help Open your Chakras + Free eBook.

excuse me here....but. fuck that shit. (more life experience means deeper, wiser, stronger, more beautiful through and through...and if you ask me, infinitely more interesting). so get up, get out and rock that shit

Dear everyone in the universe, today is just one of those days. So I am going to need you to BACK THE FUCK OFF. Well what can i say….? It is what it is.

You are broken. Not me. He did not know what just hit him. The police later found Mr John Doe with a scar in his head. Eye color has been noted as green.

feeble weapon

Simple san serif Roman (threaded running stitch because curved baseline) on a banner!

Day 13-100 Eyebrows ▪️ #jeffreestarcosmectics weirdo * Eyes▪️#katvondbeauty Santa sangre, vampira, damned and wicked #makeupforever clear gloss