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Literally Just A Bunch Of Really Funny "Lord Of The Rings" Tumblr Posts

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Within My Clutch: Under My Pillow

What is space? In the best theory of physics on this topic – Einstein’s theory of general relativity – it is a component of space-time, but difficult to envision with our naive intuitions. (So, the observer is in 'the present moment', which is all that exists.)

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How to work crochet ripple patterns

Whether you are looking for a riot of colour or working in neutrals ripples add interest to your crochet. Ripples can be used for every project from warm king-size blankets to elegant clutch bags and the variety of different ripple patterns means you will never get bored. Of course, we love ripples because they are very wearable, they make a perfect shawl or cardigan trim or add interest to mitts and hats. What is a Ripple? A ripple fabric is one where increases and decreases are used…

The final moments of the Pond Family. This is the last time all four of them are together. The next time we see The Doctor, he is living on a cloud, ignoring the world, and mourning the death of his family. The next time we see River, she’s a ghost in a library. And Amy and Rory lived to death. This was it. (gif set)

A moldel walk the runway during the Gucci Cruise 2017 fashion show at the Cloisters of Westminster Abbey on June 2 2016 in London England