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Interflask leakproof travel mug. https://www.giftful.co.uk/gift/leakproof-travel-mug-by-interflask-insulated-stainless-steel/

LED Mushroom Desk Lamps. Japanese designer Yukio Takano makes humorous little mushroom lamps that look like wild mushrooms growing on logs, but are actually LED-powered desk lamps.

Turn any cotton fabric into a waterproof laminated fabric with Pellon Vinyl Fuse and an iron. It's super easy!

The solar and wind powered Ecocapsule with kitchenette, toilet, shower and warm bed.

How to Build a Warm Shelter Out of Everyday Materials From Any House — If SHTF and you have no where to go, or you are bugging out and you lose your shelter, this article is a good read and tells you how to build shelter with common house hold materials, I'm even betting that you could even find some of the materials just laying around the city too.

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