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Banana Doodle Art: Funny Creations Drawn on Unique Canvases

Banana Doodle Art

Banana Doodle Art - Many artists find unusual places to display their creations and this one seems to have found quite the canvas on bananas and banana bunches.

How to make Art with Bananas: Stephan Brusche

It doesn't look like anyone ever told Stephan Brusche not to play with his food, but that's just fine by us. This imaginative artist, based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, regularly turns bananas into creative and light-hearted works of art.

This Banana Artist (Stephan Brusche) Is Very Serious About Bananas and Art Bananas are very good sources of vitamin B, vitamin C and dietar.

Terry Border Makes Inanimate Objects Come Alive -  #art #lol #puns

Terry Border Makes Inanimate Objects Come Alive

Claymation scene 2 of The Dark Protein Rises (or "no banana split for you!

Dominic Bahmann réinvente le quotidien | La Régalerie - http://www.laregalerie.fr/dominic-bahmann-reinvente-le-quotidien/

We've previously featured the works of Canberra, Australia-based art director Domenic Bahmann that includes his use of food to create images.

Brand: Calgary Farmer's Market. Type of support media: print ad. It's creative because most people associate farmer's markets with the summer time - so they decided to show ads of different fruits and veggies available in the winter covered in scarves and knits. They launched an "Open all winter" campaign.

Calgary Farmer’s Market - Open all Winter. This is a cute simple ad that is informative. I love that the sweater is made like a banana. I feel like this ad is effective and to the point. the color contrast is nice and its a great idea.