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Yay I'm not alone lol weird, yeah I know.

Oh my heck, that is so true! And I felt weird for being attracted to an animated LION! *dies* Girls are weird.


Funny pictures about Disney scenes that make you cry. Oh, and cool pics about Disney scenes that make you cry. Also, Disney scenes that make you cry photos.

And this is why I LOVE Flynn Ryder. Because he thinks like me.

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

The views, I want a moon room, where I can just look at the sky. And I want blackouts near my castle for less light pollution. I want a tower on my castle. So that I can pretend that I'm trapped and being guarded by a dragon<<< I want all of it

All grown up

Bottom pic L to R Adella Arista Attina (oldest), Ariel (youngest), Andrina Alana and Aquata child).

Pixar's Pizza Planet Van

This is a collage of images from different Pixar films with the famous Pizza Planet truck Easter egg. I chose this collage because I love the Pizza Planet truck, they are biggest Easter eggs in Pixar's library of films.

Walt Disney

Disney opening titles It goes from "Walt Disney presents" to " Walt Disney pictures presents" *single tear*

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Disney Princesses, but everyone should watch Atlantis because it is awesome, and Kida it's freaking amazing

So true. Wow. Just so much truth.

Disney style - Polyvore

So true. Just so much truth. To much truth to be contained in one board!