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Too good to be true...

Some say there's a new book about The Stig coming soon, chock full of explosive revelations. Yes, it’s Stig: The Untold Story.

Some say his car collection is better than yours

Just Top Gear being Top Gear. Just heard all of their British accents when reading this. Amazing show.

Just Top Gear being Top Gear

Time for some more classic Top Gear wallpapers to brighten up your desktop. This week: it’s 28 supercars, The Stig and the Top Gear track...    http://www.TOPGEAR.com/uk/photos/wallpaper-speed-week-24-08-2012

Some say, that if your remove his helmet, his head will violently decompress, and that he was once raised by wolves, all we know is he's called The Stig!

Matisse and Picasso by Francoise Gilot http://www.amazon.com/dp/0385422415/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_znKgvb04Q52V9

Matisse and Picasso: The rare artistic and personal friendship which the two great masters shared, as seen through the eyes of Gilot, Picasso's companion from 1946 to Includes letters from Matisse to Gilot.

Koenigsegg CCX and, of course, The Stig

Koenigsegg CCX and, of course, The Stig