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Looking for some healthy hair tips ? no worry girls here I have highlighted some secret healthy hair tips to make your hair lustrous, healthy and strong.

Know your oils

Coconut Oil for Hair Can be Used as Carrier Oil What this means is that when you apply essential oils directly to your skin, the carrier oil is mixed with the essential oil so those extracts don’t irritate your skin…Read more →

Winter Hair Care Tips For Naturals - Idk why to replace coconut oil from the routine.  Someone enlighten me

25 Natural Hair Care Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

Winter Hair Care Tips For Naturals. Wondering why coconut oil needs to be replaced? Coconut oil becomes liquid at temperatures higher than 75 degrees. Since winter temps are colder, using coconut oil can result in hard hair from the oil re-solidifying in

You may have used the L.O.C. method to moisturize your hair, but one step even better is the L.O.C.S. method with seals moisture into your hair like a trap.

LOCS Method - works better for my twa than the LOC method. I retain more moisture by sealing after the conditioner

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The Best Haircare Products

Restore your hair with drugstore products that are affordable! I'm so totally doing this. Need clarifying shampoo

Know the ABCs of curly hair for the best locks of your LIFE. | 14 Charts Anyone Who Sucks At Hair Will Appreciate

Know the ABCs of curly hair for the best locks of your LIFE.

The ABC's of Curly Hair! Master the basics of curly hair care with this infographic showing the ABCs of Curly Hair. For curly hair freaks like me I really needed this ✊

Length retention

This is a very basic beginner’s intro for retaining hair length in kinky hair types and hair). When you look at what it takes, it really is pretty easy. It is just a matter of remaining consistent and sticking to a good routine.

Hair moisture

Natural healthy hair tips for those who wants to see long lasting hair growth. Get in the habit of doing certain things daily that would help grow the hair

Hair regimen-coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, honey, lemon juice, etc....                                                                                                                                                     More

DIY Natural Hair Care (with recipes)


Natural Hair Tips for Length Retention. These guidelines can also be applied to relaxed hair and other hair textures.