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Vintage Rose Album: Mom with daughter

Wisdom for Mothers from The Ladies' Home Journal 1905 & grandmothers--read to the end!

ANGELES - An angel is a supernatural being or spirit, found in various religions and mythologies. In traditional art, angels are often depicted with wings on their back, representing a Christian image of God attendant.

Mother and child #motherhood #art #kids http://www.keypcreative.com/

Opposite Day: Famous Mother/Child Paintings

La Mere by Elizabeth Nourse

Elizabeth Nourse (American, La Mère (Mother and Child), Oil on canvas, Cincinnati Art Museum.

Bob Apple by Frederick Morgan 1856 - 1927 http://nevsepic.com.ua/art-i-risovanaya-grafika/6145-victorian-artist-frederick-morgan-1856-1927-108-rabot.html

Bob Apple by Frederick Morgan - Bob Apple Painting - Bob Apple Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale