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Mommy and baby penguin! My girls want to do the mommy penguin baby penguin walk ALL the time!

Noogie Noogie Noogie

Our Emperor Penguin Chicks Birthday card makes for a cool and cuddly way to say Happy Birthday. The inside of this 4 x 6 card readsFeel the love!

So beautiful

So beautiful

Baby Penquin at Boulder Penguin Colony in Cape Town, South Africa...u r so cutie baby!!

African Penguin at Boulders Beach Penguin Colony in Simon's Town/Cape Town, South Africa

Fotografar essas lindezas de perto e poder me encantar ainda mais com cenas como essa.... projetos futuros!!!!

I'll keep you warm: A penguin keeps her young close in the frozen wastes of Antarctica. So sweet!



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Birds perch on a branch during a spring snowstorm in Pembroke, N., Monday, April (AP Photo/David Duprey (WOW how doesn't that branch break?

Hitchin' A Ride ~ that's about the safest place for him :D

egret or heron on alligator nature's carpooling - bird watching in Everglades National Park