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FITNESS: Pair of Antique 1900 Vintage Wooden Dumb Bells, 1 pound each for the ladies

PHOTOGRAPHY: A man and his dogs, 1907. Master and his dogs are attentively engaged much unlike most of the expressionless group portraits of the times. In 1907, the setup required the subjects to be rigid and "hold" the pose much longer than in later years.

PERSONAL CARE, CHILDREN: Taking a bath. 1908 - Notice the lid on the tub. The tub has two sinks. Baby is washed in one; clothes in the other. But, baby is wearing a shirt of sorts.

FOUNDLINGS, 1900: Feast of the Foundlings. The care and feeding of orphans

TOY: Scooter made of wood and alittle girl named Alicia in a sailor dress posing while steadying her scooter, 1917.

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