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Jenna Louise Coleman and Matt Smith at Roath Lock studios, July 2013.

I feel like this is a photo of their faces after River's just walked in as Clara is making a pass at the Doctor, which is why clara has some fear in her eyes and the Doctor is all "River, I can explain."

from The Times

Doctor Who’s Matt Smith, new assistant Clara and why they’re wearing Prada

Doctor Who clara reminds me of audrey hepburn (breakfast at Tiffany's) and he is like Fred Astaire in Funny Face!

The Doctor (Eleven) and Clara Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman

Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, Doctor Who. (Note the converse shoes! :) )

Doctor Who at the BAFTAS. <<<oh Matt, he was born to play 11.....this makes me happy<<<and clara and 11 are such a cute couple! Yes, I ship whouffle.

Jenna Coleman & Matt Smith: Clever Boy and the Impossible Girl

That is not how friends kiss/look at each other. That is definitely not how siblings kiss/look at each other, but if that's how you do it in your family, remind me to stay far far away. XD That, my dears, is Whouffle. <3 <3

i want to go to comicon!!!!!!!!! and i want Matt Smith, Benedict Cumberbatch, David Tennant, Martin Freeman and all the companions to be there...