Artist: Paul Lung, Hong Kong {hyperreal figure pencil drawing of boy next to Pepsi machine}

14 Breathtaking Drawings You Won't Believe Aren't Photographs

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Paul Cadden Three Hours pencil on paper 43 x 37 cm

Graphite on paper

Altered reality: Mr Cadden took a photograph of a smiling lady wearing a sun hat in Yangshuo in December and later transformed it into this stunning work of art. His drawings feature minute detail, including patterns, strands of hair and facial lines

They say the camera never lies - but these images prove you can't believe everything you see as they are not photos at all.    Instead they are amazingly highly detailed pencil drawings, the work of Scottish artist Paul Cadden.

UnHBelievable: Hyper-real pencil drawings look just like photos

Paul Cadden's Unbelievably Photorealistic Drawings (PHOTOS)

These Are Not Photographs

But the hyperrealistic images below are in fact drawings made by Scotlan.