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Dear Lord

Prayer Of The Day – Reliance On God --- Dear Lord, Please forgive me for my lack of faith. So often I cry out in fear. I know I will always be in need of you, but please help me to rely on you more! I pray I can trust you with my husband, my child, my fin

worry, fear, temptation, doubt, sickness, depression, lonliness

♥ Bible Verses ♥ In case of emergency, call Holy Hotlines, open To God be the glory. Thanks kamden


Isaiah My Life Verse! Thank you God for making this verse glow in the Bible the day I gave my life to you!

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God's grace ~ Bible references ~ I pray that you meditate/ponder on these words and receive them into your heart and soul. THIS [Grace] is the key to Life.

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God didn't promise days without pain laughter without sorrow nor sun without rain but he did promise strength for today comfort for the tears and light for the way.

I know that I cannot worry and trust God at the same time.  For the most part, my faith is strong and we find joy and blessings in our lives every single day.  Yet, the human side of me (or Satan) wants me to give up my faith in a cure for my daughter's cancer. She needs a miracle to live. Yet, miracles happen every day.  Just look at all of the newborns that are welcomed into our world, on a daily basis. Every single infant is a miracle. I put my faith in you, God!   Donna Beebe

You can't do both: Either you worry, or you trust God. If you worry, you tell God, "I think you are LYING to me when you say you love and take care of all who honor You." - Original pin's great advice confirmed by Jesus: Let go, and let God

"Stop remembering what God has forgotten."

God loves and uses imperfect people. We all make mistakes. But because Jesus died and rose from the grave, every mistake we will make or ever make has been paid in full. Don’t let shame and guilt keep.

I love God

"I am an imperfect person loved by a Perfect God." Amen, thank you Jesus!

“The man who would truly know God must give time to Him.” ― A.W. Tozer

Our time is limited, so we must choose to use it wisely. Spend time with God by praying and reading the Bible everyday.


5 things God's children should never worry about. Bring it all to the Lord in prayer.

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1 Samuel - But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.


As a Christian this is my goal. I want people to see Christ in me. No Judgement. I want people to be amazed by my faith and use it as encouragement to build a relationship with God, for He is all that matters.