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Huh. Would you look at that? Use a doilie for its pattern... and paint an inverse!

refashion jeans--I don't like this on the jeans, but the idea is kind of neat

DIY Cute Yarn Winter Hat Ornaments #DIY #craft #recycle

Creative Ideas - DIY Cute Yarn Winter Hat Ornaments

Как украсить джинсы своими руками в домашних условиях (105 фото): кружевом, бусинами, стразами

diy jeans and doilies. You could do this with sleeves of a jean jacket too.

brown wrapping paper, doilies, silverware

wow is this easy. DIY - A perfect wedding place setting or just as a special gift, these doily flower wraps use kraft paper and doilies. Flower water vials are easily found online.

DIY Tshirt, would be cute on a sweatshirt....

DIY T-shirt

We need an old T-shirt, two colours of fabric paint and various brushes – those my be even the most simple, children ones. Using a paper triangle and some masking tape, stick the template ont…

jeans bag by live2paintuk

Recycled jeans = basket (picture only) felted flower embellishment is a nice touch

Shibori is a form of resist-dying similar to tie-dye. In Shibori, a cloth is tightly bound, wound around an object or sewn and then dyed. The resulting cloth displays a repeating pattern based on the method of binding used. There are a number of places where well-made Shibori-inspired design can be found on home accessories …

The Latest Pattern Obsession: Shibori

shibori is a Japanese term for several methods of dyeing cloth with a pattern by binding stitching folding twisting compressing it or capping. some of these methods are known in the West as tie-dye


Lámparas que toda adolescente deberia tener en su habitaciòn

DIY Pineapple Lampshade -- Made with a recycled bottle, plastic spoons, paint, and card stock. Cute for a kid's room or kitchen! Adds a lot of fun color. Recycle the plastic spoons too.

Shark Bag - Love Bites Pencil Case Geeky Gift for Guys - Office Desk Supplies - Awesome Boys Gift: MinneBites Rainbow Leopard Shark Bite

Shark Bag Pencil Case Pencil Pouch - Fun Zipper Pouch - Awesome Boys Gift: Rainbow Leopard Shark Bite, (almost) ready to ship on Wanelo

What a brilliant idea, so easy to do yet the end results are stunning.

Temporarily afix doily to clothing, using fabric paint, apply a coat of paint to the doily. Remove the doily and voila, an intricate lace design applique! This would be a great idea for plain palazzo pants!

Studio ToutPetit: Tutorial Tuesdays * Bear T-Shirt

DIY Bear Kiddo Tee: Cool T-shirt Crafts for Kids and Teens. This could also be adapted to create a tee using other artwork by your kids.

Plastic solo cup craft;  Looks like a cute DIY project, I can't read the foreign language, but I think wrapping it with yarn would look really pretty too

basket weaving using clear dixie cup and string, yarn or raffia. great project for kids. Chinese maybe? I dunno, but its pretty self explanatory.

Löcher in Jeans

How to Make Vintage Looking Jeans

DIY Distressed Jean tutorial - I recently learned that Parisian women would never buy ripped jeans, but I might make an exception here.