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15 Amazing Anime Art of Your Favorite Cartoons

GoBoiano - 15 Amazing Anime Art of Your Favorite Cartoons they need to make these!!!!!

Dean O’ Gorman and Aidan Turner ( Fili and Kili in The Hobbit trilogy ) cosplaying as Miguel and Tullio from the dreamworks animation movie : The Road to El Dorado. After seeing this all I can say is : WHY IS THERE NOT A LIVE ACTION MOVIE OF THAT AWESOME CARTOON ?

Me: Oh ciel your so freaking cute and scared of thunderstorms just like me and Haruhi! Haruhi: you promised to never tell anyone! Me: oh yeah um sorry....If you want to make things even you c-can t-tell Grell my secret..i-im sure he'll tell everyone... Haruhi: what secret? Me: you know the secret *cough* Triplets *cough*

Sword Art Online is Amazing

Sword Art Online - Kirito and Asuna - This is the cosplay my husband wanted to do for the upcoming con we're going to! Wish we had the time and money for it!!