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The Bullet That Killed Abraham Lincoln

The Bullet That Killed Abraham Lincoln - OMG. (reverent pause). I read the personal account of one of the doctors present at the treatment of Lincoln's wounds. It was terrible. Back then, they didn't know that washing your hands was important. Urgh.

Michael Beschloss on

General Ulysses S. Grant (center of bench beside tree) on eve of Siege of Petersburg VA, 1864.

Sumter Guards uniform coat, c. 1865 worn by D. Huger Bacot (Charleston, 1847-1920), who entered into Confederate service as a Citadel cadet. After the war, Bacot remained in the Sumter Guards, becoming its captain until April 1, 1876. The light blue facings indicate infantry.

Uniform Coat worn by Dr. James Postell (Charleston, SC). Postell was commissioned a surgeon in April 1861 and served as head of the Confederate hospital in Summerville, SC. Charleston Museum.

War to Prevent Southern Independence era children- the father is absent because he was killed in battle at Cold Harbor by Lincoln's Army. The mother was murdered by Sherman's men. So sad. And all to enforce the Morrill tariff act against the south.