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In The End I Will Win by ValaMD.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Well, this time I made a more detailed, serious drawing of L from "Death Note". In The End I Will Win

I for one would love to have a Kira kid. < Lol wait imagine if someone named their kid Kira and they say "Hi I'm Kira." And The Death Note fans be all over the place :p

"Yup, im pretty sure every proud father wants to hear their son to admit that they 'might be Kira.' Way to go Light, way to go.

death note motivational | Death Note motivational poster by Ciris17

DeviantArt: More Artists Like Naruto Gaara Motivational Poster by WithinTheCosmos

L did what we all did when we figured that out. XD , but he should be worried if Light tried to pull anything , nothing is stopping him...

Yep I know it's an old, déjà vu, very well known joke, but idk, I wanted to find an excuse to draw Death Note ^^" bleh~ Characters : L and Raito/light f. Death Note : As Planned