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It's kind of sad that people only know Loki as Thor's brother though. He's not just Loki. He's Loki, brother of the almighty Thor.

Haha loved this part "Now why would I do that" I Love Captain America So Much

“Remember the time I made you ride the Cyclone on Coney Island?” “This isn’t payback, is it?” “Now why would I do that?” Aw Steve and Bucky :') TEAAARRSS


Marvel characters and their real names. - agree with every name but Thor's I like them both the same. :) << finally someone who doesn't like Loki more than Thor! But yeah, these are great. Especially "Jedi master" and "Queen of Marvel"

Maybe he's born with it, maybe it was HYDRA.

It's Hydra-licious. Childress & Megchelsen -- This is hilarious, bc my sister and I wanted to make a commercial for a hydra shampoo for split ends and hair growth with the slogan, "Cut off one strand and another two shall take it's place!

Yes, the Avengers adoption “joke” controversy continues. Unfortunately, weeks later we’re still fielding inflammatory remarks and personal attacks. Find out why I'm taking the science fiction community to task.

Avengers: Thor & Black widow talking about Loki, my favorite part of the whole movie!


Castiel🐝Winchester on

I don't like Thor. I'm happy Loki hurt his feelings, because after all he put Loki through this is hardly comparable.

Yes. Avengers

Look at these amazing actors. Look at the actors' eyes and then at the characters. (Might as well ignore the top; I don't know why they gave Tony Stark two pictures of himself but they're the same.) The actors look playful, but then when in character th

So cute!

If I were a famous actor, I'd so troll people in movie theaters. [Dad, I think that's Thor and Loki.