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from family budgeting

25 simple ways to save smarter

simple ways to save your money and more money Tips to help your budget stretch further and enhnace your money saving skills. These are simple easy money saving tips hat you can easily incorporate into a thrifty lifestyle Sound frugal advice

from Red Tricycle

Artful Displays: Brilliant Ways to Show Off Their Masterpieces

We've found 12 brilliant ways to artfully display your kid's massive pile of finished masterpieces. You and your fridge door will be thanking us in no time.

from Kara's Party Ideas

Harry Potter Birthday Party - Kara's Party Ideas - The Place for All Things Party

Harry Potter Birthday - Ties --- Oh! Get an old pointy witch hat paint it brown. Put in shredded papers with house names on them and let each guest be "sorted"! Then play team games and dole out points with cool prides for winners and fun ones for everyone else. I'm so "smrt ".

from Lifehacker

Use a Wooden Spoon to Stop Pots from Boiling Over

Use a wooden spoon to stop pots from boiling over- not a recipe but deserves a place on the board!