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Virtually the entire country stood horrified yesterday as the extent of the depravity of the Charleston church shooter’s heinous crimes was revealed. While most Americans tried to wrap their heads around the terrible atrocity, the usual suspects in the media and the White House immediately jumped at the opportunity to further perpetuate their anti-gun agenda,…

These 2 toys are spying on your kids – Liberty Headlines

Hermit who lives in a clay house in the middle of the woods is ordered to leave his home | Home Design, Garden & Architecture Blog Magazine

White House: Donald Trump Muslim plan 'disqualifies' him -

Donald Trump's statement that Muslims should be banned from entering the United States "disqualifies" him from being president, the White House spokesman said Tuesday.

"I feel incredibly sad that the officers working nearby have to see this on the wall." Painting hanging in our capital and it's disgusting. I paint and should paint one of looting blacks and see how that goes...

Squad Member on Ground During Benghazi Reveals a Detail That Turns Obama Admin’s Claims on Its Head

Leaked Memo Shows Democrats Targeting Trump Before He Was A Candidate, Manipulating Election