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Virtually the entire country stood horrified yesterday as the extent of the depravity of the Charleston church shooter’s heinous crimes was revealed. While most Americans tried to wrap their heads around the terrible atrocity, the usual suspects in the media and the White House immediately jumped at the opportunity to further perpetuate their anti-gun agenda,…


Truth be told...***Lets start the education with Murika first!

Aboriginal man, Sydney. No matter the ethnicity, all of us are human; all of us are actually members of the same race, biologically. What an amazing display of faces the world of mankind presents!

The passivity has developed over time to the extent that the human race has effectively become domesticated and in many cases resemble passive sheep. Unfortunately, pleasure is a powerful driving force, and when people live for pleasure many compromises have to be made. Not the least is a reluctance to attend to the things that really matter. --Belsebuub, Guest Writer Waking Times

Stating the obvious. We are in this mess because we bailed out the banks. Not because we are overspent on welfare!

"Slaves" were not taken from Africa. People were kidnapped from Africa and taken…

Breaking! Hillary's Email Hacker Has Emerged and What He Just Said Could End Hillary And The Democratic Party

From the window I could see them marching over the marshland, eyes set straight ahead, looking right at the window where I stood, and before I could run they started firing their guns rapidly in my direction with the knowledge that I was hiding in here, this abandoned house. The corridor was empty but I could hear them breaking the door down. I had to get up the stairs, but that that was the way they would come, for the door was directly at the bottom of the spiral staircase... (copyright…