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It's raining outside, so there's a soft tapping sound on the diner's roof. Raindrops race down the windows where Alex finds herself watching them in a day dream.

Lands End 50% off One Item One Day Sale LOVE50 & pin 9284 = 50% off one item at Lands End (exp. 2/14/17) Some would perhaps accuse this website of not giving Lands End enough love. And thats not a totally unfair observation. Despite some recent struggles at the top of their management food chain Lands End has continued to create reasonably priced American classics in a variety of fits and fabrics. Is some of their stuff boxy and borderlinenorm-core? Yes. But keep an eye out for their more…

“A slave of the flesh and dairy industry gives loving affection to a cat passing by. She will spend her short existence being utilized as a machine to generate inordinate amounts of milk whilst enduring severe stress, pain and be forced to watch her babies taken to slaughter. When she has endured more abuse than her body can cope with and her milk yield grows poor, she will then be horrifically slaughtered, herself…

I stopped to watch the person watch her cat watch the deer in their front yard watch the neighbor's dog.

Yoga is a method that helps you stay away of stress, keeps you fit and healthy, increases the metabolism in your body, and keeps you active and energized.

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