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Last week, Chef Malkia gave 3 more cooking classes in a local Montessori school. One of the things she made were carrot fries - they were such a hit with the kids! Afterwards some parents emailed us saying 'thank you' for getting their little ones to eat some veggies Here is the recipe - you should try it at home, it's super easy!

A morning fiesta with healthy fruit tacos

FRUIT TACOS! Here's the recipe for homemade CHOCOLATE tortillas that you fill with fresh fruit!

Cinnamon Snowflakes! made by folding and cutting a tortilla in a snowflake shape.... then sprinkling cinnamon and sugar, and bake

Looking good, Chef Malkia! And what's that 'pretty young thing' stuck on the back of your car? It's one of our cool new magnets - whohoo! What do you think? :)

No-Bake Summer Vegetable Lasagna

No Bake Summer Veggie Lasagna by gimmesomeoven #Lasagna #Veggie #gimmesomeoven