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Tráiler de Total War: ATTILA – The Ashen Horse -

Dear contributors and friends of Andrea A Elisabeth ✿⊱╮VoyageVisuelle. Andrea has asked me to inform you that her pancreatitis and development of sepsis has forced her into hospital again, for stronger treatment. She has been there for a couple of days, and hope to be back on Sunday/Monday. She sends her thoughts and love to you, and misses you all very much. Kind regards – Gunnar /a friend

5) The Nokia Lumia comes in my favourite colours #black and #white #AmazingFinds

Mustang Please help save our wild horses from slaughter! Write or phone your Representatives and the BLM (Bureau of Land Management).

'Save the Planet, Kill Yourself': The Contentious History of the Church of Euthanasia | VICE | United Kingdom

Quarter Horse. I so long to go horse riding a child horses made me feel so safe.