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Sanira Toilet System saves your time and money! Free yourself from the cleaning aisle and invest in Norwex products! The Norwex Sanira Toilet Brush System provides an ingenious system to clean toilets without harmful chemicals.The cleaning solution is vegetable-based with coconut oil and a naturally occurring sugar surfactant. It is neither poisonous nor corrosive and breaks down within 48 hours compared to other solutions that need as much as 30 days. It is safe for use with septic…

Air Freshener Bags ~Bamboo charcoal absorbs odours, bacteria, harmful pollutants and allergens naturally. • Dehumidifies air. Odour Eliminator ~Use in toilets, washrooms, litter boxes, garbage cans, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.

#Norwex #Optic Cloth ( Eyeglasses, CD’s and camera lenses all work better if the light is perfectly reflected or absorbed evenly without distortion. Using the wrong cloth to clean such delicate surfaces can easily cause scratches. This pocket-sized microfiber cloth is specially designed for removing greasy finger prints and residues from small surfaces. Do NOT use on applied anti-glare finishes.

What’s the best kind of dirt? The kind that stays outside! 85% of contaminants are brought into the home in the first 4 steps! Our Entry Mat features super-thirsty microfiber and stiff polypropylene bristles so dirt and other pollutants get trapped in the mat instead of being tracked into your home. Use the NorwexRubber Brush to keep it looking fresh between washings. To launder, toss in washing machine. Air-dry. #Norwex2015

Norwex #Sport #Towel ( Use it at the beach, pool, for camping, on holidays, or in your gym bag. Very compact (wet or dry), super absorbent and dries quickly! A small nylon pouch makes it easy to carry and easy to put away, wet or dry! It effectively removes water from all surfaces EVEN when damp. Used after swimming, as a sport towel and hair towel. If put away wet, hang to dry as soon as possible.

P R O B L E M : Getting your car clean and shiny without scratching can be a challenge. In addition, many of today’s popular glass and window cleaners contain harmful chemicals. And using paper towels to clean just adds to the problem of overloaded landfills and deforestation. S O L U T I O N : The Norwex Car Products.