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Sanira Toilet System saves your time and money! Free yourself from the cleaning aisle and invest in Norwex products! The Norwex Sanira Toilet Brush System provides an ingenious system to clean toilets without harmful chemicals.The cleaning solution is vegetable-based with coconut oil and a naturally occurring sugar surfactant. It is neither poisonous nor corrosive and breaks down within 48 hours compared to other solutions that need as much as 30 days. It is safe for use with septic…

Norwex #Sanira Toilet Brush System Refill ( Size: refill, 450 ml / 14.4 oz Sanira Toilet Brush System cleans toilets with self-contained Sanira System. Non-poisonous, non-corrosive vegetable based cleaning solution bio-degrades within 48 hours. Solution will last approximately one year when used once a week.

Did you know that the Norwex Mop System will replace all of these products? Ask me how you can earn the mop system for FREE!

MOP months - July and August 2013. Earn the Norwex mop system for free just by having a few friends over to learn how to save time and money and clean your home without harmful toxins. Contact me

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Clean Your Air Conditioner Condenser Unit

Never knew these had to be cleaned...Save money and increase your system's efficiency. Clean Your Air Conditioner Unit yourself. Step by step directions.

Just when you thought that the Norwex Mop system cound NOT get better! Well it has! Check out the video! Contact me if you would like to order this or any of the new products!

First you drag out the dust mop, then you drag out the wet mop. Talk about work! Now all you need is one mop. Our Norwex Double-Sided Mop System swivels and flips for double cleaning duty. Saves you time and storage space. Available as a complete system as well as individual components.

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Cleaning Without Chemicals

Norwex chemical free cleaning cloths. Plus a lot of great DIY cleaning tips in the comments.