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Antonio Mora - "la dame del lago", (The Lady of the Lake).

Organic Eloquence - A Poetry Collection - Organic Eloquence - A Poetry Collection

Everything that happens Out of necessity, Is expected, Repeated day in day out Is Mute. Chance is the only thing That can speak to us. >KB

De superbes portraits introduits dans des paysages envoûtants

Beautifully Surreal Portrait Series Blended into Landscape Photos by Antonio Mora. Spanish artist Antonio Mora specializes in creating dream-like self-port


Alexis a. Nevessart is a 18 YEARS OLD, based artist in Paris and his especially is digital double exposures. "I love art & recently started digital work


The silhouette of the girl fading into the forest is a great use of Photoshop. The message of the picture may not be clear to everyone, but the design is very well done. The contrast between black and white is always a nice aspect to incorporate.

iPhone 5 Wallpaper - Forest

We’ve rounded up 5 amazing photographers who have mastered the art of the double exposure silhouette. Top to bottom, left to right:

Post with 34 votes and 683 views. Double Exposure Photography by Antonio Mora


Margarita Kareva is a Russian photographer takes fairy tale pictures, swans, lady of the lake, white dress, crown

The Lady Of The Lake - Natascha by Vivienne Mok for Javertime

The Lady Of The Lake - Natascha by Vivienne Mok for Javertime (looks like her dress behind her is a swan.