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The Lotuses have their roots in the mud and relaxing on the surface of stagnant water coming out of them immaculate and beautiful : for this is the symbol of those who live in the world without being contaminated ♥.

Claude Monet - Water Lilies I have seen some of the large water lilly paintings by Claude Monet in the Kunsthaus, Zurich a few years ago in the exhibition, Monet's Garden. These vast canvases are mesmerising - I remember feeling I could dive into the ponds of painted water. From memory, they seemed to be layers and layers of paint to give an infinite depth to the water, not thickly applied but many layers/

Loved running around Kielder Water, Northumberland, UK in the Kielder 10K, will defo be applying again for this year! Trail running is fun, shame there aren't many tracks close to home for me to use

Der Bach war mit kleinblättrigen Seerosen (Nymphaea glandulifera) übersät.