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Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs

Children cannot learn until basic needs are met. If a child is not seeing clearly, how can they be expected to make it to the top of the pyramid? Vision Screen Every Year.

Clueless Politicians Don't Know How Periods Work | Tampon Tax | American Education System - try teaching some science along side with your bible brainwashing bollocks.

Deadpool as a teacher. What could go wrong? Deadpool as a sex ed teacher. EVERYTHING WILL GO WRONG. XD

All far too true, but I got some of this in college (England) but it if I was a different person it would have been too late to not have done something to me

Virginity is a disgusting social construct used to oppress women. Have sex or don't - it's your choice. Don't let anyone shame you as long as you're safe.

resources for teaching sex ed to students with ASD or other disabilities (The resources on this site are NOT FREE- here's one that is

I'd change a few things... I'd make Bruce Wayne Economics, Dick Grayson Phys. Ed., Dean Winchester would be Sex Ed., Sherlock English (Hello, H.O.U.N.D.!!!), John Watson would coach Marksmanship or something, etc... I might make my own dream school^.^

This perfect. All of it. And I would just like to say that I would be totally ok with Fall Out Boy teaching me sex ed.