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roxy on

Remember when there was no drama in the fandom and the boys just took care of Ketchup and keeked all say?!?

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Reject Updates on

Luke Hemmings Michael Clifford Calum Hood 5 Seconds of Summer 5sos

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Calum Hood on

Luke and Ashton I would like to point out his hat. He is the oldest. He has a sparkly pink hat. That says Ashton's. I love him. More than I should. WAY more than I should


#Love Ashton Irwin 5 Seconds Of Summer 5sos

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5SOS Updates on

*drools* I don't know what looks better the pizza or the boys eating it

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Ash Xx on

Luke can you tell me whatever happened to Teenage Queen? I loved it and was wondering why you and the boys didn't release it?