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London College Fashion Nicole Paskauskas — BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles

During both World Wars, many civilian women took up jobs in agriculture, replacing those men who went to war. The women who worked for the Women's Land Army (WLA) were commonly known as Land Girls. In forestry, Women's Timber Corps were known as Lumber Jills. At the height of the First World War the Land Army had a full-time membership of 23,000 members. The number exceeded 80,000 during the Second World War.

Women's Fashion from a 1990 catalog #1990s #fashion #vintage


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Hippies. Windsor Free Festival, 1973 // by Alun Anderson

Women munitions workers gauging the thickness of the heads of shells at Royal Shell Factory No.3, Woolwich Arsenal, May 1918.

Height of the 1960's our High School (U.K.) Skirts had to touch the mid-knee....Scooter skirts! We were not allowed to wear shorts to school, but our skirts could be as short as we Scooter Skirts were the answer. Now, lets consider the sexist head behind not allowing shorts, but short skirts being ok.

A young boy in dust storm. Oklahoma. April 1936. PBS' The Dust Bowl