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BORLEY RECTORY - "THE MOST HAUNTED HOUSE IN ENGLAND"...click through--interesting story .

The Borley rectory writings on the wall is one of the most interesting manifestation of the famous Borley rectory haunting, which was probably the first case of ghost hunting in history.

gettysburg ghosts - Google Search

picture taken leaving Devils Den in Gettysburg. No one was there at the time the picture taken. The photographer was snapping pictures in hopes of catching something on film.

Rent.com lists the top 10 most #haunted cities in America. [Rent.com Blog]

Top 10 Haunted Cities in America - Most Haunted Cities

cool Top 10 Haunted Cities in America - Most Haunted Cities How is Virginia City, NV not on this list?

Shadow People – Hat Man This is creepy. You can see through the shadow behind the woman. “This photo was taken the day of these three ladies mother’s funeral. There in the picture is a dark figure of a man standing behind the middle woman resting his right hand on her right shoulder

This photo was taken on the day of the ladies' mother's funeral. You can see a dark, shadowy figure behind the middle woman with its "hand" on her right shoulder. Shortly after the photo was taken, she was killed in a car crash.

5 Very Chilling Videos Of Ghosts Caught On CCTV Cameras. 1, 2 and 4 are my faves, i felt sorry for the poor woman in number 2

5 Very Chilling Videos Of Ghosts Caught On CCTV Here are 5 of the most shocking surveillance videos that appear to show paranormal activity caught on camera.

Exorcist called after boy 'walked up wall backwards' - FOX 13 News

This is the house in Indiana that Ghost Adventures bought cause a family thought they were possessed by something in the house, they're calling it a portal to hell! A cop and child services witnessed the boy crawling up the wall backwards

Ghost in woods From the person that sent it in….  The attached pic was taken last year while on a walk in the local forest with my kids and dog.  I stopped to take a picture near an old victorian mine and while enlarging the digital image spotted the figure in the tree line.  I am not a ghost kind of person and so think it most likely just shadows and branches coming together to lok spooky. still creepy though.

Ghost in woods

Not much detail, but it appears that a little girl has been photographed out on a woodland walk. Zoom in and a ghostly, transparent figure is watching, with big, black eye sockets.