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general Apollo logo/badge

Apollo 11 was the first mission to land a man on the moon. It was launched on a Saturn V rocket at at local time (EDT) on July 1969 from Pad from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA. It was the fifth manned mission in the Apollo Program.

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Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed in the Sea of Tranquility on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission in My father designed and constructed the lunar space range finder. His initials are ON THE MOON!

Apollo 12 badge

Apollo 12 mission logo Clicca per VEDERE l'immagine alla Massima grandezza

Apollo 13 badge

Science fiction space art: NASA's official patch for the Apollo 13 mission of April which had to be aborted due to the explosions of two the crew's oxygen tanks. The event was dramatized in the 1995 movie "Apollo starring Tom Hanks.

Apollo 14 badge

Apollo 14 mission patch - "Shepard back in space." Astronauts Alan B., Edgar D. Mitchell, and Stuart A. Roosa launched on Jan.

Apollo 17 badge

The Apollo Belvedere was featured in the official logo of the Apollo XVII moon landing mission

The Apollo 11 Saturn V nears the end of its trip to the launchpad

The Transporter nears the top of the five percent incline at Launch Complex with the Apollo 11 Saturn V. Image # : Date: May 1069


Looking down at the Apollo 11 Command and Service Module and the Moon’s surface, from the separated Lunar Module. This is the last photo taken from the LM prior to its descent and landing one orbit.