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Look through our premium aluminium entry front door panels for your new build. Suppliers New Zealand-wide.

Walk-in, door-less Glass Block Shower constructed with 6"x8" & Tridron (45°) Glass Block from Pittsburgh Corning in the Decora pattern. This shower wall is finished with Endblock finishing units. The Glass Block Shower wall was built using our Stack & Grout system and installed in a fraction of the time as mortar built Glass Block Showers.

Finally, a truly DIY stone veneer, one that requires no mortar or trowel. We see it as a beautiful new way to replace vinyl siding or disguise cinder block. Or just glue the jigsaw panel pieces to an interior accent wall, stand back, and admire what looks to everyone else like dry-laid natural stones. ModulaStone, by Pierrexpert; $9.50 per square foot;

If you’ve got any cinder blocks around your house or yard that you can’t decide what to do with, these amazing photographs may give you some inspiration. Browse them below…