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China Rice Field Art | Uday Fun Blog: Rice fields in China

Rice field art - Fictional warrior Naoe Kanetsugu and his wife, Osen.

djiPhantomTerrace paddy field

They are a farm village in Japan, and a terrace paddy field. Rice is made in a terrace paddy field.

japanese rice field art | samurai keiji maeda in yonezawa (yamagata prefecture)

japanese rice paddy art

Using different types of rice, Japanese farmers are able to create recreations of classic art pieces, or something wholly of their own design.

Rice Field Art

Rice Field Art

Behold These Incredible Artworks Grown from a Rice Field in Japan

Giant Straw Dinosaurs Invade Japanese Fields After Rice Harvest

Giant Straw Dinosaurs Invade Japanese Fields After Rice Harvest

Niigata Prefecture, Japan, has thought of a novel way to use the straw left over from their rice harvest. A “wara” or rice-straw festival is held every August

China Rice Field Art | Rice step field China 2 by ~PhotoManExtreme on deviantART

Another rice step field picture taken at Ai Chun, Yunnan, China Rice step field China 2


Rice field art designs have been created in the Inakadate Village, Japan since 1993 as part of a local revitalization project. W/yellow and black rice.

Japanese Rice Field Art

Rice paddy crop art in Japan, 2010 --


Inakadate is a small village in Northern Japan that has become famous for creating art in its fields by planting a range of colourful plants.

I love unique forms of art.

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Огромные живые картины «растут» на рисовых полях в Японии. Ежегодно в апреле жители встречаются и решают, что посадить в этом году. Перед посадкой фермеры намечают проекты на компьютерах, чтобы выяснить, где и как сажать рис. В 2007 году более 700 человек помогали высаживать конструкцию. В Инакадате поля занимают площадь около 15 000 кв. метров. Художественные работы на рисовом поле лучше всего смотреть в сентябре.

"Tanbo Art" is made by using various types and colors of rice to create giant pictures in Inakadate village rice fields, in the area of Aomori, Japan…