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Helping a patient to develop bilateral integration is a core component to a child's vision development. In this example, Krystal is doing an activity with Alex that works on reciprocal interweaving on his midline while incorporating balance. By using the full length mirror in this technique Alex has better awareness and feedback.

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Recuerda que la tranquilidad interior es garantía de un excelente desempeño cerebral. Conoce aquí: http://tugimnasiacerebral.com/mapas-conceptuales-y-mentales/ejemplos-de-mapas-conceptuales-efectivos 7 ejemplos de Mapas Conceptuales efectivos que te ayudarán a utilizar este instrumento de aprendizaje de una forma más cómoda y personalizada. Puedes evitar la ansiedad elaborando un Mapa Conceptual para organizar tus pensamientos. #mapasconceptuales #ejemplos #organización #ideas

YOUR BRAIN IS a strange three-pound lump in your head that also happens to determine your personality, control your movements, and hold all of your hopes and dreams. Neuroscientists have been mapping the brain for centuries to try to tease apart its inner workings. But people are complicated, and so are brains—intricate bits of biology packed with neurons and axons and all the synapses that tie them together. The image shows a 180-area multimodal human cortical parcellation on the left and…

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