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Where you have already crossed the line of productive and normal anxiety into anxiety disorders and thus experience symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks

ANXIETY: Is Your Anxiety Becoming a Behavioral and Emotional Problem? For most people, anxiety is a temporary reaction to stress. It becomes a disorder only when it persists and prevents you from leading a normal life. Some anxiety states are caused by severe stress, but in some people only slight stress may be involved. The stress may be cumulative. People who have "free-floating" anxiety lived in a constant state of apparently causeless anxiety. (click photo to see full blog article)

Grounding Techniques for Anxiety

(1) Time: 5 minutes at beginning & end of tx session (2) Contraindications: clients that have significant cognitive impairments and clients that have attention span <1 minute (3) OT Goal: to decrease anxiety & stress, to increase orientation to reality, and to increase attention to task.

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