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That face

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These Tumblr posts are gonna take you on a ride.

13 Tumblr Stories That Are Completely Unverified, But Pretty Damn Entertaining

These Tumblr posts are gonna take you on a ride.



Funny Text About  About A Boy vs Girl

Must show this to my friend when he complains about his brothers girlfriend "cutting into his gaming time" <<<COD has no pause button. So for a guy to take a chance of their guy dying just to text a girl and call her pretty; that's a keeper!

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I want my blood back, blood draw, blood results, phone call, afult responsibilities

If this is a true internet story, I agree. Feminism is about total equality. That just because you are feminine, female, does not mean you are not equal. Women can equally do damage. Woman's anger can be volatile. Just like someone who is masculine, male. Neither is funny. Neither is acceptable. This is abuse and this is not a laughing matter just because she did it to a man.

As a girl, I agree with this guy.

Just remember that the vast majority of violence against women AND MEN is perpetuated by men, but abusing someone NO MATTER YOUR GENDER is not okay, and it's DEFINITELY not okay for WOMEN to abuse men either. It is abuse.