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The Transition Network is a community of professional women 50 and up, and therefore each member is going through a different kind of “what’s next?” transition: children leaving home; elderly parents coming back; pondering the risks of changing careers; retirement; being widowed; being newly remarried; navigating the single life as a mature woman. TTN provides intellectual stimulation, entertainment, and support to women going through these transitions.

Theater Education Programs Are in Demand for Workforce Creativity

PIMCO's Mohamed A. El-Erian: 'Don't Forget the Geopolitics of Cyprus'...says there's almost no chance of Cyprus being asked to leave the EuroZone, as EU doesn't want to push it into the arms of ever willing Russia.

The Ultimate Board Game Buying Guide. With over 75 ideas of unique games you will love. Party Games, Couple Games, Strategy Games, Family Games

Do you have a moody child who's already acting like a teen? Read our expert's advice. #teen #moody

What every mom should know before #childbirth: Don't be conservative with the stool softeners. #You'reWelcome

Parents, is an outward expression like hair really a big thing?

My came back from a summer visit with my ex with jet-black, spiky hair and purple nails. "I love Japan and I want to be Japanese," he explained matter-of-factly.