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Lições da Bíblia - Lição 2 - A crise (interna e externa)

Could be Elijah in flaming chariot (taken from Philip & Ethiopian lesson) Jesus-without-language site.

I could totally change this up to a bulletin board in my classroom - (Image Only)

Raven for Elijah story has wings that flap up and down when you pull the cord at the back!

Esboço Escola Sabatina Lição 2 O Grande Conflito - Jó 4 trimestre 2016

I like this little house because I feel it would be something the dwarfs would live in and even if it was a little bit to small, we could make I as if it was in the distance by placing it in the back tabs

Na Imensidão do Amor de Deus: Lembrancinha : A Pérola de Grande Valor - 10/05/15

modern embroidery | abstract paintings with stitched and beaded embellishments | sabatina leccia