Cathedral in Evry France by Mario Botta 1988-1995

Architectural pattern—Cathedral in Evry, France by Mario Botta.

Mario Botta (Swiss architect, b.1943) | Church of St. John the Baptist, Mogno, Switzerland, 1992 | Slanted,  elliptical glass roof, black & white stripes and checkerboard design (created with alternating layers of native Peccia marble and Vallemaggia granite)

San Giovanni Battista, Mario Botta (Church of St. John the baptist), Mogno

Silvio Brancaleon

Silvio Brancaleon


Ferreries Cultural Centre Centro culturale Ferreries Tortosa Josep Camps Povill e Olga Felip Ordis architettura contemporanea Spagna

Tingueli Museum  Mario Botta

Tingueli Museum Mario Botta - Stile arte e cultura

arqsa: espritmetropol: beton abstract (via TumbleOn )

Use of lines espritmetropol: beton abstract

Black and White

black and white - Peter Writer

i m pei symphony hall - Google Search

PEI, Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center Dallas: shadows of window blinds

vertigo, Philippe Lestrade.

Vulcania Museum / Hans Hollein I love the sea shell/conch-like shape the buildings form in the sky.


a space odyssey_inside the set of the hal 9000 supercomputer

Contrast and Shadow Contrast stripes.

the light and the dark black and white art photography , architecture , design shape and form

Church of San Giovanni Battista, Mario Botta | Mogno | Switzerland | MIMOA

Church of San Giovanni Battista, Mario Botta

1X - spoon by Manfred W.

spoon by manfred abstractphotography

Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista. Mogno. Mario Botta.

Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista, Mogno / Mario Botta, 1998 / Photographed by Pino Musi

Architecture we like / Light / Seelings / Concrete / Heroic / at Design Binge

Architecture we like / Light / Seelings / Concrete / Heroic / at Design Binge Design by Khoa Vu

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steven holl: chapel of st.