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Whether or not you’re a sports fan, smart marketers watched and participated in Super Bowl buzz – and the payoff was HUGE. How huge? There were 24.1 million Tweets about the game and halftime show, not including the ads. And, as predicted, the volume of tweets went above and beyond last year’s totals – and it achieved this goal by the beginning of the second half!

School Teaches Students Libel Risks They Face On Twitter

Yahoo recently announced it would be showing tweets in its real-time search results – and that’s awesome for everyone involved, Yahoo, Twitter, you, me – and should worry Google. But maybe Twitter should actually be a bit worried too, because Yahoo obviously plans to be at the top of the technology pyramid and one of the companies it must step on in its climb to the top is its new friend, Twitter. And this has been made crystal clear by Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr.