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tony is not a villain!! neither is bucky. i love tony and i always will.

To betray -- **sob** I love Ward.....I'm on episode 12, I know what happens, and I still can't help loving Ward. This is hard-core denial, guys.

„Primer: @benefitcosmetics Air Patrol and @suvabeauty Hydra Cream in Stencil Shadows: @starcrushedminerals A Spot Of Teal, Siren, and Teal Appeal, and…“

Hydra: the laid-back Greek island

It’s now a stop-off on the glittery international art circuit and yet the boho, go-slow Greek island of Hydra will always sway gently to its own rhythm

Ward Is Hydra! - Acrylic Canvas

Ward Is Hydra Acrylic Canvas by TypeFortyDesign on Etsy #Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #AoS #AgentsofSHIELD