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Leading Lines: photography's most underrated composition device

Leading lines can be used in a subtler way, to emphasis perspective, for example.

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Design the garden of your dreams

Use rectangles to create a zig-zag plot A series of rectangular lawns or any other ground cover or paving of your choosing - pebbles, decking - are laid at right angles to each other. They traverse the garden, giving strong direction.

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How the Concept of Iceberg Housing has Exploded in Recent Times

Specialists in Side Return Extensions, Loft Conversions and Basements across London

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Three reasons Rihanna's new i-D cover is brilliant

I like the box around the i-D masthead and think the contrast between that and the image would really suit the angle my magazine is taking.

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A cool customer! The stunning collection of never published pictures from legendary American photographer Steve Schapiro

Classic: Taken in 1969, this is one of many portraits Steve Schapiro would go on to take of Barbara Streisand

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James Bond is 'misogynistic, sexist and very lonely' says Daniel Craig

Smouldering: Daniel Craig gets candid about James Bond as he poses in a brooding shoot for...

This Hubble Space Telescope (HST) image reveals a pair of one-half light-year long interstellar 'twisters' - eerie funnels and twisted-rope structures - in the heart of the Lagoon Nebula (Messier 8) which lies 5,000 light-years away in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius.

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Modeling With Line

Giacometti have always loved Giacometti's drawings. He is known as s sculptor but his portraits are amazing.

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