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@ChicoLopezJM #ArtInProgress "...Nos acercamos a las piezas desde la intuición, lo que termina provocando, según el artista, una transformación, certera o no, del mensaje y solamente a través, -añade Chico López-, de la crítica de alguien notable, tenemos la certeza de haber comprendido. Es entonces, cuando nos olvidamos por completo de la experiencia del artista. En arte, la autoría de las ideas no siempre les otorga la veraz certificación".

Zoë Buckman ~ "Every Curve" Embroidery series on vintage lingerie | Feminism + Hip-hop lyrics *Work in Progress 2014* via

PESTLE- Social. Members of the society of the United Kingdom, specifically London, enjoy a very high standard of living. Both women and men have a strong interest in personal and cosmetic welfare, including care for their hair. This will be analysed further when looking into the industry (MarketLine A, 2015).

Top in the World: Stunning Self-Portraits by an A Level Art Student

Frida Kahlo artist research by artist Abby Hope Skinner. This section of Abby’s Coursework project shows first-hand responses to subject matter (self-portraits of herself in the style of Frida Kahlo, posing with a cat, dog and plants). The photographs of her work in progress are captivating (normally these are not required; in this case they provide stunning evidence that under-drawings have been sketched entirely by hand, with proportions gauged by eye).